We have a vision for 2020

Businesses and communities are thriving in a West Midlands that is environmentally sustainable and socially just

Our members work together on priority actions to deliver this


Peter Braithwaite SWM Chair 2015

We are a catalyst

Progressive business, cities 

and civil society will spark change 

SWM is in the middle of this triangle


Jonathon Porritt

International environmentalist 2013

We deliver

SWM achieved multi-million pound energy savings

for councils and communities while attracting investment

in low carbon jobs and skills


John Polychronakis

Chair of City Region &

Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Programme



Sustainability West Midlands

We are the sustainability adviser for the leaders of the West Midlands

The sustainability champion for the West Midlands as designated by government.

Our customers like our independence, our role as a hub of cross-sector good practice networks, and our clear vision to create a better West Midlands. More >

We also work collectively in a national network called Climate UK.

Our networks & projects

West Midlands Public Sector Sustainability & Energy NetworkA network of sustainability and energy management professionals based in the West Midlands public sector sharing best practice and collaboration opportunities.
West Midlands Climate Resilience NetworkA network of climate resilience professionals in the West Midlands sharing best practice and collaboration opportunities.
West Midlands Green Business Clubs NetworkCoordination of West Midlands Green Business clubs in order to increase their impact in local LEP areas and collectively lever in and share resources.
West Midlands Low Carbon LEP Leadership NetworkImproving low carbon growth and job opportunities for West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships.
West Midlands Green Communities NetworkA network of community groups who are, or aspire to be, active in developing community energy, green space and resilience schemes.
West Midlands Sustainability & Public Health NetworkA learning network for public health practitioners to promote how sustainability can complement public health targets and drivers.
West Midlands NHS Sustainability NetworkLearning network for NHS estates, facilities and procurement managers addressing sustainability priorities that also deliver improved health outcomes within the NHS.
Science City Low Carbon Working GroupA cross-sector network to instil innovation in the development of the low carbon sector.


What's new?

Leadership in strategy

We help organisations prepare for the future. We provide independent sustainability and resilience reviews, benchmarking, monitoring, and advice to our members boards and management teams. More >

Leadership in delivery

We help sectors share and apply good practice. We provide a network of networks for research, training, funding, case studies and technical help from our members and associates. More >

Leadership in innovation

We help cross-sectors develop new solutions. We provide opportunities to work together on sustainability priorities for the region and your area, test ideas, and influence policy. More >

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