Birmingham Science City Innovative Low Carbon Working Group


The Birmingham Science City Innovative Low Carbon Working Group (BSC ILCWG) is a cross-sector network that brings together those working in the field of low carbon innovation.  It aims to share information and good practice and catalyse new partnerships and collaborative activities that further BSC’s aims to develop, use and promote science and technology to improve prosperity and quality of life.

The ILCWG meets every quarter.

Why run this network?

SWM supports Birmingham Science City with the coordination and running of the ILCWG, and has done so since 20 January 2014.

The ILCWG opens the door to innovation.  It not only provides the opportunity to spark new projects in the low carbon space, but also brings together those with a passion for science and technology.  It is the only network we coordinate that contains members from the large private sector, SME sector, local authority sector, Universities sector and third sector.  It also complements the other networks run by SWM and allows for cross-fertilisation of aims of themes.


Anyone from any sector with a role related to low carbon innovation is welcome to join the ILCWG.  However, we ask that each member prior to joining can answer yes to each of the following:

  • You are willing to contribute to the aims of Birmingham Science City as described on the BSC website.
  • Your work and your organisation’s aims and vision contribute to a thriving innovation ecosystem within the low carbon space.
  • You wish to be part of the BSC alliance and see the benefits of working with fellow members of the ILCWG and other partners to stimulate growth in the West Midlands low carbon economy sector.
  • Your role or their organisation focuses on the development of low carbon projects not limited to energy, transport and waste.
  • You are based, or have representatives based in the West Midlands and/or are wishing to contribute to work in this area.
  • You wish to contribute to ILCWG meetings by offering opportunities for collaboration on projects or providing updates on funding calls.
  • You wish to contribute to ILCWG meetings by sharing good practice either via verbal updates or more formal presentations.

Although our outreach will largely focus on the West Midlands, we welcome national bodies or those outside the West Midlands region joining the network if it is appropriate for their role – and appreciate that most ILCWG meetings will take place in or around Birmingham!

Chair of the NetworkBirm car recharging 2013-IMG_1072

Mike Woollacott, Director at Greenwatt Technology, Chairs the Group.  Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the low carbon innovation space and his business focuses on renewable energy, low carbon vehicles and low carbon action planning. Mike is a strong supporter of both Birmingham Science City and SWM, reflected in Greenwatt’s membership. You can find out more about Mike here.

Interested in joining?

If you’d like to join this exciting network, please contact or call 0121 237 5890.

Also, please have a browse through our Events and News pages for any information and workshops coming up around low carbon innovation, and do interrogate our Resources page to find any resources from previous ILCWG meetings.

Key Resources

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