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Chris Brown is an Energy and Active Travel Officer at Herefordshire Council and was previously an Energy and Sustainability Consultant at Method Consulting. He helps to deliver numerous, inter-directorate sustainable transport projects and contributes to low carbon initiatives to help achieve Herefordshire Council’s Carbon Management Plan. He is passionate about engaging and working with the public, businesses and communities to collaboratively come up with solutions to help overcome sustainability and environmental issues.

Working in both the public and private sector, he has a track record of collaboratively working with and learning from stakeholder groups, business forums and environmental groups in achieving sustainability project goals, objectives and targets. He is an Earth and Environmental Science graduate from Lancaster University with experience across a broad variety of different environmental and sustainability subject areas including energy, transport, management, health & wellbeing, water, materials, waste, land use, ecology, pollution and climate change.

He has a published paper in the Journal Energy Policy looking at the effectiveness of Smart Energy Monitors in reducing energy consumption and has presented at multiple events including the national EAUC conference and international DTU Green Challenge in Denmark over low carbon innovative energy solutions and waste reduction initiatives.

Outside of work Chris is a keen outdoor adventurous pursuits enthusiast and loves to surf, ski, snowboard, cycle and hike as much as he can.