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Matthew trained in engineering, economics and management and founded Encraft in 2003, after a career in manufacturing and R&D management with Unilever and a number of years in management consultancy with PA Consulting Group and Hay Group.

As a consultant he largely worked in the energy sector for global corporates such as BP, RWE and Amerada Hess. He has grown Encraft to fill a distinctive niche in the UK energy and construction sector and employs more than 20 people in the Midlands, developing and delivering innovative and market leading projects in distributed energy and building physics, often in collaboration with universities and public bodies.

Matthew has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, founding and leading a global network of technologists in the late 1990s committed to building a sustainable future, and leading a small delegation of engineers to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. He’s been involved with a number of non-profit and charitable organisations focusing on building a sustainable future since 1997.