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Air-PoT is a partnership of experienced experts in business, technology, and air pollution science, aiming to harness the advanced UK infrastructure of thousands of IoT sensors via a centralised and harmonised platform to be used by sufferers and data-led organisations alike.

Air-PoT will do this by bringing together and format-homogenising into a single platform (mobile app and web app) data from thousands of sensors that are currently disseminated via very many different websites (and other means) in many different isolated and decoupled formats.

Along with helping sufferers directly, the platform aims to provide pollution data to various commercial and academic organisations to facilitate research programs and data-driven insights and decision making.

Air-PoT are committed to sustainability and their values and aims ties in directly with the ‘Clean Air and Water’ roadmap priority and ‘Clean and Active Travel’ and ‘Adapting to Climate Change’.

Our primary contact is Dr Mohamammad Nazir OBE, Head of Project Management and Al