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Arden Estate Partnerships became SWM members several years ago. More information about them came be found below, taken from their website.

“Arden Estate Partnerships is a Local Improvement Finance Trust Company (LIFTCo) which was set up by Government in 2003 to address inequalities in health and social care estate throughout Coventry and adjacent areas. We are a long-term public private partnership, and to date have invested over £34M locally through new developments.

There are 49 LIFTCo’s across England offering public sector organisations the opportunity to deliver high quality affordable buildings for their communities. We provide a comprehensive range of services and work closely with local Commissioners and Providers, Public Sector Bodies from a national and local level, GPs as well as the Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) sector; from both a health and social care perspective. We are able to offer a full range of development and consultancy services direct to clients and can support at any stage of a project from Research and Development, Consultancy, Development, Project Management, through to Facilities Management.

As the local partner of choice, Arden Estate Partnerships has the expertise and experience built over time to respond to changes in the healthcare environment and provide tailor made services to achieve clients’ desired outcomes. AEPs wealth of local health and social care sector knowledge and experience of complex programme and contract management for specialist requirements brings us to the forefront of the sector.”

AEP has been a member of SWM for many years and our primary contact is George Marsh, Chair of AEP and a one time Chair of SWM’s Board!