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Helping shape the future of energy.

We’re a technology company with a bold vision – to help enable a world where energy is consumed sustainably, shared fairly and empowers all people. And we’re leading the way. carbonTRACK technology is connecting energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers – delivering embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitating smart grids. Find out how we’re creating smart buildings, smart businesses and helping enable a distributed energy future.

An Australian company,  its UK Head Office is located in Birmingham and provides their business and residential customers the opportunity to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption whilst closing the gap between energy supply and demand. Our solution consists of hardware, network infrastructure, control systems, analytical engines and a powerful machine learning and predictive engine. It enables ‘behind the meter’ visibility and empowers energy consumers and energy providers with advanced energy control capability.

Commitment to the SWM Roadmap is indicated in carbonTRACK’s strong qualities of ‘Sustainable Energy Use’ and ‘Adapting to Climate Change’.

carbonTRACK’s vision is: “We aim for a world where energy is consumed sustainably, shared fairly and empowers all people”.

When asked about what carbonTRACK will provide to SWM they replied:

“Provide intelligent insights into the energy market and evolving landscape of energy generation and distribution within the UK from a global scale viewpoint, as we are currently operational in Australia, United States and South Africa. These valuable insights from international stages will provide critical intelligence into the development of how energy is distributed, generated and managed in the UK, right through to how the energy market will could mature with integrated and intelligent solutions”.

Main contact:

Tom Bailey, UK Distribution Manager (tomb@carbontrackuk.co.uk)