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The City of Wolverhampton Council is committed to creating a thriving world for future generations. Sustainable development is a vital ingredient within this. They play a key role in their work within Wolverhampton’s construction development, transport, planning, education system and more.

With the ongoing Climate Crisis that our planet faces, theCouncil seeks to continuously improve in the sustainable work that it undertakes. Our commitment is evidenced through our declaration of a Climate Emergency in July 2019. Within this declaration the Coucnil has pledged to making all its activites net zero carbon by 2028. Since our pledge, we have already reduced our future annual CO2 emissions by 8,000 tonnes a year by ensuring all council electricity is purchased from renewable sources.

The Council is also proud to have the lowest absolute CO2 emissions within the Black Country. By cooperating with SWM, the Council hopes to go from strength to strength in constructing a sustainable future.

In the two months since this declaration the Council has achieved marked progress. This includes:

  • Appointing a Climate Change Member Champion.
  • Setting up a Climate Emergency Working Group made up of representatives from across the council to formulate an action plan and monitor its progress
  • Beginning to draft a Climate Change strategy, set to be published in January, 2020.
  • Using the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin to certify that electricity in public buildings and street lighting is carbon neutral reducing future emissions by 8,800 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Identifying over 25 acres for potential tree planting.
  • 6 new electric vehicle charging points going live within the city in August.

The City of Wolverhampton Council used to be members of SWM until a few years ago.  Whilst talking to their partner, Wolverhampton University, SWM was mentioned and the Council was put in touch with Alan Carr. After discussion with Alan, the team leading on Climate Change decided it would  beneficial if the Council to become members once again.

Our primary contact at the Council is Isaac Vivian, Project Manager.