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Ecuity Consulting LLP (Ecuity) specialises in sustainable energy regulation and policy. It provides strategic advice and campaign resources to a range of commercial organisations and industry leading trade associations. As a key link between industry and Government, Ecuity helps its clients to understand and shape Government policy in the sustainable energy sector. Ecuity’s mission is to make sustainable energy mainstream by using our unique strategic insight to connect the commercial day to day reality of running a business and the political challenges of sustainable energy policy making.

Ecuity, which is based in Solihull, has a diverse team of low carbon energy policy experts ranging from economists to engineers and social scientists. The company has a track record of driving positive change to energy policy both in Westminster in Brussels in areas such as low carbon heat, distributed electricity generation, heat networks and energy storage.

As part of our work with SWM we hope to contribute our real-life energy policy insight and know-how during a period of regulatory change driven by the potential exit from the EU and the transfer of more policy competence at local level.

Our contact at FFTF Network is Ilias Vazaios, Ecuity Partner (ilias.vazaios@ecuity.com)