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Encraft have a longstanding working relationship with SWM and strongly support the facilitating and advocacy role SWM play so well in the region.

Formed in 2003, Encraft is an independent consulting engineering firm with three practice areas – Distributed Energy Projects, Building Physics and Web Applications. The firm is built on the expertise and skills of its people, and Encraft offers impartial services based on decades of accumulated specialist technical expertise and experience of developing projects. Their Distributed Energy Projects practice works with commercial and non-commercial clients to develop large scale microgeneration and energy efficiency projects for the UK building stock.

Encraft’s experienced team of physicists, engineers and architects apply their understanding of Building Physics to provide a range of services which deliver user-friendly and sustainable, low carbon buildings. The company focuses on reducing energy demand and enhancing thermal protection, ensuring buildings are comfortable to live and work in, easy to maintain and have predictable performance in use.

Encraft’s in-house Web Applications team produces specialist applications designed for end users to identify most profitable investment opportunities, and develop cost efficient energy efficiency and microgeneration projects. Matthew Rhodes, Managing Director is our contact.

For further information about Encraft, view their 10 year special booklet or visit their website.