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Exergy are a team of skilled engineers, scientists and professionals who share the dream of building a low carbon, sustainable future. They develop innovative engineering solutions and strategies to help other businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Since 2011, they have participated in numerous and recognised initiatives in the built environment, sustainable process and circular economy sectors, achieving outstanding results. Recently, Exergy has expanded into new markets and now have a presence in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Colombia.
They provide a huge number of services, including:
  • Waste valorisation
  • Process simulation
  • Building Physics and Modelling
  • Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Retrofitting
  • Digital Engineering and BIM
  • Exergy and Resource Efficiency
  • Circular Strategies
  • Research and Innovation Management

and many more…

SWM are very excited to be working with Exergy, as both companies clearly share a vision to advance sustainable practise and ensure a greener future. Exergy themselves said “Sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a need. Are you ready to make a change?” We certainly do not disagree and look forwards to collaborating with them going forwards.
Our primary contact is Ian Bennett, Growth and Business Change Manager.