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Groundwork is a regeneration organisation working to improve the local environment, the lives of local people and to strengthen the local economy. With its commitment to partnership and wide range of project work with local communities, Groundwork has played a leading role in ensuring regeneration reaches and benefits people living in some of the most deprived parts of the West Midlands.

Groundwork West Midlands is a ‘doing’ organisation, helping people and organisations make changes to create better neighbourhoods, to build skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a greener way.  They work on hundreds of individual projects each year across the West Midlands, focusing their activity in communities where they can make the most difference, and create projects and services that benefit both people and the wider environment.

Groundwork WM has been a member of SWM for many years and we have worked with them on various activities, most recently the Low Carbon Growth Support Programme which provides support and grant funding for SMEs on energy efficiency.

Our primary contacts at Groundwork WM are Michelle Mansell, Business Development Manager, and Ann Thadzi, Business Development Director.