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Kew Projects Ltd are a Black Country-based business who specialise in the development of a thermal treatment plant for waste into easily-usable energy sources. The patent protected process exclusive to KEW can be used at high efficiency for multiple end-uses. The compact nature of the technology also allows it to be integrated into future smart infrastructure systems, and fixed and mobile charging platforms for plug in electric vehicles. The Plant can be assembled and operational in under 6 months.

“We are KEW Projects Ltd, an innovative science based business, currently developing a “first of a kind” advanced thermal treatment plant, in the heart of the Black Country. Our first small scale plant, will convert a range of Commercial & Industrial and biomass wastes into a number of low carbon energy vectors, such as renewable electricity & high temperature heat, renewable diesel and Industrial Hydrogen. We are looking to develop further plants across the region. All of these vectors will play a key role in ensuring the West Midlands becomes a leading low carbon economy.”