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Localise West Midlands works towards local supply chains, money flow, ownership and decision-making for a more just and sustainable economy. We are a thinktank, campaign group and consultancy.

Localise West Midlands is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to promote the environmental, social and economic benefits of:

  • Local trading, using local businesses, materials and supply chains
  • Linking local needs to local resources Development of community and local capacity
  • Decentralisation of appropriate democratic and economic power
  • Provision of services tailored to meet local needs.

“Localise West Midlands works towards an economy in which more people are empowered and prosperous and which uses the earth’s finite resources responsibly, by putting locally owned enterprise at the forefront. We are therefore keen to work with SWM because of our shared interest in sustainability and the regional economy.” And indeed we have been doing for several years!

Our contact at Localise West Midlands is Mel Abraham, Project Co-ordinator.