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The Midcounties Co-operative is the largest independent co-operative in the UK. We have almost 9,000 colleagues spread across around 450 sites, as well as over 245,000 members who enjoy a share in our profits, as well as knowing they are funding ethical activities and initiatives locally and around the world.

It has been awarded the coveted Carbon Trust Standard, underpinning the Society’s commitment to best practice in the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.The Society scooped the award by working closely with its members and colleagues to promote the importance of environmental awareness, helping to achieve an overall carbon footprint reduction of 5.1 per cent across the certification period running to 2013. At the same time the business was able to increase its recycling from 37 per cent to 75 per cent over the past three years.By securing the certification, the Society has reinforced its commitment to social responsibility and creating sustainable communities for future generations throughout its trading areas.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said:

The co-operative movement grew out of the impact the industrial revolution was having on workers, acting for the benefit of its members and helping to improve the quality of life for communities. It is therefore fitting that the co-operative movement today is helping to take action on the impact of the industrial revolution on the climate, through its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mike Pickering is our named contact at Midcounties Co-operative.