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The National Farmers Union (NFU) is a trade association that is the largest farming organisation in the UK. They champion British farming and provide professional representation and services to their Farmer and Grower members.

Their Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) sets out how the agriculture industry in England is responding to the challenge of feeding more people with less impact over the next 40 years. Their farmers and growers need to adapt to the changing conditions alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The GHGAP shows their commitment to helping to play their part in tackling climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by three million tonnes of COequivalent per year from 2018-2022. The GHGAP is one of a range of initiatives that are already helping farming produce more whilst impacting less.

The NFU’s unique network of local offices and advisers means that members are never far from a representative. The NFU West Midlands regional office represents around 6,000 farming businesses within the region, who are in a unique position to tackle climate change, offering solutions to help adaptation and by helping to reduce emissions at source.  There is potential for every farm business to make a contribution.

SWM is pleased that that the NFU has been a long-standing member as they reflect quite different priorities to most of our other members. They are our voice and way in to the farming and rural communities based in the region.

Our contact at NFU West Midlands is Sarah Faulkner, Environment & Rural Affairs Adviser.