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Partners with Industry is an organisation specialising in Automation and Robotics, with a commitment to provide the environmentally aware link with Industry to enable people regardless of background access the opportunities to learn the skills required for the modern workplace which are normally impossible to achieve.

The main focus of their Automation based Industrial service is to help any company which utilises machinery reduce their costs, become more efficient, productive or increase capabilities through assisting in the implementation of change through direct practical support, training and consultancy,  with the ultimate objective to help companies reduce waste and meet their environmental responsibility.

“Our community based training has the objective to increase skills in the community for individuals who have difficulties gaining employment. Through training we will be able to increase people’s confidence, self-esteem and employment prospects. This will bring people closer to the job market and will address issues of unemployment, improving the economic wellbeing and resilience of communities.”

Our Primary Contact is Richard Pugh, Director