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Since the company was founded over 70 years ago Ricoh has placed great importance on lowering the environmental impact they have on their surroundings and on society, in accordance with the beliefs of their founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura.

Their principles demonstrate that their commitment to sustainability is a part of their heritage, touching every part of the company, from manufacturing to distribution, business sites to recycling. Over the decades they have extended their environmental strategy to include all stakeholders, raising awareness and providing tangible ecological and cost benefits to suppliers and customers alike. Since 2001, Ricoh can claim zero waste to landfill and continue today to work towards a circular economy.

In a world increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, sustainability not only reduces costs and improves the bottom line, it also enhances customer and supplier perception of companies and brands. Ricoh offers sustainability management services that provide comprehensive support to help organisations implement more sustainable, efficient operating procedures and document infrastructure.

Our contact at Ricoh UK Products is Andy Whyle, Environment & Sustainability Specialist, who says: “SWM is the overarching strategic forum for sustainability. With Ricoh (and BESST) developing and sharing best practice through this, whilst aligning to the roadmap and priority actions, it ensures that we can effectively contribute to creating a sustainable future.”

Andy also Chairs our Green Business Clubs Network and has been a strong advocate for SWM for many years.