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Rooftop’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people and the communities in which they live. As part of this mission we will be looking at the energy efficiency of our homes that we provide and the impact of fuel poverty on our tenants. This aligns with SWM’s vision of reducing carbon emissions in the West Midlands and supports their Buildings priority.

The principal activity of Rooftop is to provide rented housing accommodation, let upon ‘assured tenancies’ for people in housing need. The majority is family accommodation but a significant proportion is sheltered or extra care housing, supported housing meeting special needs and also accommodation for Key Workers. As at April 2014 the Group provided over 6,150 homes with a development programme that should deliver an additional 1,750 new homes by 2023.

We are in the process of developing our “New Build Sustainability Strategy” which will cover how we build our proposed 1750 additional homes and we are looking at how to significantly improve upon building regulations and create sustainable homes for our tenant.

With our existing stock, we have embarked on a programme of solid wall insulation to over 500 properties, costing over £3 million. The work when completed should reduce energy consumption in each of the properties which will potentially lead to reduced fuel bills. The finished properties should also benefit from improved internal living conditions and reduced carbon emissions which will help the environment.

SWM’s contact is Dave Hannon, Development Director.