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SportsArt specialise in ECO Powr cardio equipment, energy generated by the user gets pushed back into the facillites grid, offsetting costs making the site more sustainable.

Based in Loughborough, we sell a full range of Health and Fitness equipment, specialise in ECO/sustainable cardio equipment, with a full range of resistance equipment. We also have an fitness app which tracks workouts via a QR code.

“Sustainable living is more than just shutting off lights in empty rooms and recycling plastic – it’s leaving the planet a little better than you found it. With SportsArt ECO-POWR™, fitness facilities can transform into power plants that offset their building’s electrical costs and earn points towards LEED certification, government incentives, and more.”

SportsArt’s fascinating products contribute to both our energy and health related objectives, and the company wants to grow and expand its outreach in the West Midlands, hence joining as members in 2017.

Our contact is Wes Carter, Regional Sales Manager.