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SYSTRA is a UK market leader in the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes to increase use of sustainable travel choices, maximising results from ‘smarter choices’ interventions. The organisation brings together skills from behavioural psychology, social marketing and data analysis to devise and deliver behaviour change programmes.

SYSTRA has a long track record in employer travel planning, from helping businesses to develop their travel plans, through to devising and delivering implementation plans and providing Travel Plan Co-ordinators. Throughout their projects, they utilise on-line comms and new technologies. They design and execute social media strategies and regularly work with travel behaviour apps to maximise the outreach and success of our programmes. They routinely monitor their programmes to demonstrate their impact and benefits.

Upon becoming members in 2017, SYSTRA commented that they “look forward to using these skills to support SWM’s vision to reduce carbon emissions, improve the region in which we live and work and increase low carbon transport choices.”

SWM contacts are Chloe Williams, Senior Consultant and Sian Fox, Principal Consultant.