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The Lunar Society has its origins in the 18th Century when a group of eminent friends such as Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, James Watt, Josiah Wedgwood, Richard Edgeworth, Thomas Day, Thomas Bicknell, Joseph Priestley to name a few, changed the world in every sphere of life from science, engineering and public policy. The Society was preeminent in its time and has been widely quoted and spoken about in many national and international fora’s.

The modern day Lunar Society was reformed about 23 years ago by a group of leading individuals in the City of Birmingham. The Society organises debates and acts as a catalyst of change in different aspects of society from engineering, science, social policy and technology. Due to its historical connections the Society attracts high profile national speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. The Society is a membership organisation and currently has members in the individual, corporate and honorary membership categories.

SWM and the Lunar Society became reciprocal members in 2016, to share good practice and objectives between each other.

Our contact at The Lunar Society is Penny Thorp, Senior Account Manager, Clarke Associates.