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Velorim are a start-up organisation which will be based in Cannock, producing commercially viable rubber-based raw materials from the recycling of bicycle tyres and inner tubes. A lot of disposed-bikes end up in landfill and Velorim want to alter this to ensure that the reusable rubber material is salvaged. This rubber will be converted into a saleable product, to ensure the re-circulation of the product. This is also part of the vision to ensure that cycling is as green as possible.

“SWM are driving the core of sustainability for the West Midlands, Velorim understand that the need for sustainability and the development of circular economies is vital to the economic wellbeing of the country.”

SWM are delighted that Velorim won a year’s membership in the 2019 membership competition and are delighted to be working with a start-up so focused on recycling, sustainability, and the circular economy.

Our principal contact is Richard Lawrence, the director of Velorim.