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As a social housing provider, WM Housing Group fully support SWM’s ethos of creating an environmentally sustainable and socially just community within the West Midlands, which aligns perfectly with our own aims to create places within the region where people are proud to live and work and are truly sustainable for future generations.

WM Group employs a full-time Sustainability Co-ordinator, to oversee environmental management and fuel poverty support, for the group. In addition we have a dedicated full-time energy advisor who delivers energy efficiency advice through home visits. We have insulated the vast majority of our older stock and continue to seek financial support to complete this across the remaining properties, to reduce our residents’ fuel bills and increase thermal comfort. We are members of SHIFT and have achieved environmental accreditation through that scheme, for our environmental management. We are now focussing on influencing our supply chain in terms of environmental and social value, through procurement processes, working with the EST to review our transport fleet and actively work to support our residents into employment.

Bernadette (Bernie) McCullagh is the Sustainability Co-ordinator at WM Housing Group