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The City of Wolverhampton Council has a long history of commitment to sustainability and working with Sustainability West Midlands.

In July 2013 the Council’s cabinet approved a new Sustainability Strategy & Implementation Plan which sets out the council’s approach to promoting sustainability within the city. A copy of the document can be found on their website together with related monitoring reports.

In order to ensure that the principles of sustainability underpinned their main strategic documents, the Sustainable Wolverhampton – Simplified Delivery report was approved by Cabinet on 25 July 2012. It outlines an additional set of priorities and delivery methods for achieving sustainability in the city, to enhance those already identified by the City Strategy. The priorities are:

  • Providing effective support to deliver a green economy and achieve sustainable economic development
  • Promoting social inclusion and tackling fuel poverty
  • Protecting and enhancing the environment
  • Reflecting the national priority of climate change and energy, and its significance to the council’s functions.

Our contact is Ric Bravery, Sustainability Officer.