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Worcestershire County Council has, for many years, been at the forefront of upholding sustainability values and, in particular, their work around climate change adaptation and mitigation is well known in the region.

They offer sustainability services in a number of areas:

  • Home energy advice
  • Community renewable energy
  • Support for business
  • Waste reduction
  • Transport
  • Education

As evidence of their commitment to SWM’s priorities, they:

  • Have commissioned a wide range of buildings designed with sustainability in mind including schools and libraries.
  • Are working to reduce domestic waste.
  • Are helping businesses and householders improve energy efficiency.
  • Are delivering a Green Infrastructure strategy.
  • Are delivering the eco-schools programme
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • District Heat study

Operating corporate sustainability and carbon management programme including renewable energy installation programme has helped to reduce their CO2 emissions by 14% from 2010.

The Council also leads on various European-funded initiatives including the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) and the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme (LoCOP) which support SMEs in the county and beyond.

Given the Council’s success and on-going suite of delivery on sustainability, despite various challenges faced by local authorities, we are delighted that the organisation remains committed to SWM membership and has been for many years.

Our primary contact at the Council is Liz Alston, Sustainability Manager.