We aim to provide advice to leaders and their advisers at whatever level in their businesses, organisations and communities who can make change happen which will contribute to our 2020 roadmap for a better future.

Leadership in strategy

We help organisations prepare for the future. We provide independent sustainability and resilience reviews, benchmarking, monitoring, and advice to our members boards and management teams.

Examples include:

  • Leadership training,
  • Our independent sustainability reviews, benchmarking and monitoring of your plans and performance
  • Strategic advice for your board or management team


Leadership in delivery

We help sectors share and apply good practice. We provide a network of networks for research, training, funding, case studies and technical help from our members and associates.

Examples include:

  • Project development and delivery; from think pieces to support programmes worth millions
  • Tailored events, networks and exhibition opportunities
  • Identify and promote good practice resources in the West Midlands through our website, newsletters, social media, leader’s updates, events, networks and annual conference


Leadership in innovation

We help cross-sectors develop new solutions. We provide opportunities to work together on sustainability priorities for the region and your area, test ideas, and influence policy.

Examples include:

  • Facilitation and testing to develop new solutions with our cross-sector members and networks
  • Annual update of progress on our 2020 vision, and new opportunities to work on joint projects


To share your good practice or access our paid services get in touch at or call 0121 237 5890.