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Andy Whyle is an SWM Associate and a long-time advocate of Sustainability West Midlands, helping to establish and Chair SWM’s Green Business Network.  He was one of the inaugural Top 50 Green Leaders in 2010 and the recipient of the Green Leader (Private Sector) Award in 2017.


Andy is a multi-award winning proven leading Sustainability Specialist, utilising over 30 years’ experience in an advanced manufacturing, corporate sustainability driven environment.

His expertise covers sustainability leadership, circular economy, natural capital development, networking and collaboration.

As a subject matter expert on the circular economy he co-authored the Business Lens evidence chapter of the Government Office of Science – From Waste to Resource Productivity report, which was utilised to create the Resources and Waste Strategy for England 2018. He has utilised his experience for DEFRA advisory groups and the UK Resources Council, representing the manufacturing sectors’ material users and producers to increase circularity in the UK.

A Visiting Lecturer at several universities, his experience as a practitioner has led to several best practice case studies, developing and demonstrating circular economy solutions. These aspects have contributed to awards from BITC, Business Excellence, Environment Agency, British safety Council and Business Commitment to the Environment amongst others.

Andy focusses on improving business performance whilst reducing environmental impact through:

  • Developing sustainability leadership and strategy
  • Training (induction, management systems, pollution prevention, employee engagement etc.)
  • Developing Resource Efficiency / Circular Economy deployment,
  • Natural Capital engagement and development,
  • Networking and collaboration to develop and share best practice

Andy’s ethos is to encourage networking of environmental best practice, explaining that environmental impact reduction and business benefits are synonymous, and that the path to sustainability is one that we should take together.