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My role with Sustainability West Midlands is multi-faceted, touching on all areas of Sustainability. In this role, I am working to support business development, both within the organisation and in the West Midlands as a whole. As a part of doing this, I lead on coordinating certain elements of internal business functions for the team, for example leading on network management. We are proud of our range of networks throughout the region, and work to develop them to the best possible extent. As a part of this, I am working to communicate and publicise SWM’s work to encourage greener and more sustainable practices in the West Midlands and to support progression towards our roadmap and 2020 vision.

As well as this, as Sustainability Adviser, I lead and support a range of projects and learning networks to generate and share good practice and create new opportunities. This includes delivering sustainability advice to our customers as a member of the team. This takes the form of sustainability reviews and bench-marking, research, case studies, training, events and workshops and project development and delivery.


Having previously occupied the role of ‘Volunteer Communications Officer’, I have since taken on a full time role as Sustainability Adviser with SWM. I have spent four years studying and working with Coventry University completing a BA Geography degree. Completing this course has influenced and expanded my personal and academic interests, particularly regarding sustainability and sustainable life choices, such as ‘ethical consumerism’ and development as examples.

Whilst working with SWM I hope to gain a greater understanding of the real-world implementation of sustainable development plans within business organisations as well as others. Not only this, I further believe that working with SWM will provide excellent opportunities for networking within the industry and those closely linked. This will be hugely beneficial as I progress through in my career and further education.

When not with SWM, I work part time as a member of the ‘Meetings and Events’ team at a local hotel. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking and camping. Whilst working in South Africa I was able to complete the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’, hiking the three most prominent mountains of the Cape, in succession.