Our vision for the West Midlands

By 2020 businesses and communities are thriving in a West Midlands that is environmentally sustainable and socially just.

Thriving business means that the West Midlands is a hub for low-carbon technology innovation and an international supplier, increasing productivity by 30%. Socially just communities means that the life expectancy gap between the worst and best areas has fallen to 6 years as a result of employment, less pollution and healthier lifestyles. Environmentally sustainable means that regional direct carbon emissions are reduced by around 30% from energy efficiency actions and 20% of electricity from renewable sources.

By 2015 our leaders are working together to make significant progress on the roadmap towards the 2020 vision.

Our roadmap identifies priority actions where working together will produce the most progress. These are around the areas of jobs, procurement, waste, buildings, energy, transport, environment, leadership and perception change. We are measuring progress on this journey through a range of measures such as our annual customer survey, research, and case studies which we report back at our annual conference.

Our vision for our business

By April 2017 SWM is recognised by leaders in government, our local authorities, universities, the health service, businesses and communities as the go to organisation for sustainability solutions and inspiration – to create new jobs, save costs and improve lives.

We use our 2020 roadmap, independence, good practice networks, cross-sector corporate members and award winning tools to support leadership in strategy, delivery and innovation.

We are now a £600,000 turnover organisation, based in Birmingham, led by a management team, employing eight valued and skilled staff and utilising our volunteers and associates.

Our mission

To become the first choice in “Providing sustainability advice to the leaders of the West Midlands”

Our values

Business led and business like – we seek and expect others to maintain personal and professional standards.

Creative and positive – we are always learning and looking for better ways of working with others.

Respectful – we respect nature’s limits and the needs of future generations, we respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best.

Our direction – business plan objectives 2014-17

We will deliver our vision for our business through eight business growth plan objectives.

Our external mission objectives – as sustainability advisers to leaders of the West Midlands

1.     West Midlands 2020 Roadmap to a Sustainable Future – Aligning activities to deliver the sustainability priorities and outcomes of improved productivity, reduced carbon, and improved health.

2.     West Midland Funding – Levering in funding to help others deliver the sustainability priorities of jobs, procurement, waste, buildings, transport, energy, environment and leadership.

3.     West Midlands Case Studies – Inspiring others through examples of individuals and organisations working on one or more of the sustainability priorities that have created new jobs, saved costs and improved lives.

4.     Supporting Leadership in Strategy, Delivery and Innovation – Paid solutions for organisations, sectors, and cross-sectors to deliver their own business and sustainability requirements while contributing to our sustainability priorities.

Our internal business objectives  – through our values of being business led and business like, creative and positive, and respectful

5.     People – Establish a management team, continue to develop staff following investors in people criteria, and explore options for adding to the senior skill set needed to grow the organisation.

6.     Sales – Grow our existing market share in our delivery services of running public sector sustainability support programmes while developing new private sector and charity funding markets for our strategy and innovation services.

7.     Operations – Improve our internal efficiencies and utilisation of staff, board, members, volunteers and associates to deliver our mission and business objectives.

8.     Financial – grow our customer base and the financial performance of the business.

We report on our progress on these objectives and agreed targets to our board through a ‘balanced score card’ and the directors report in our annual accounts.