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Governance and Board

Sustainability West Midlands were established in March 2002 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Our company number is 04390508 and we are registered at Companies House for England and Wales.

Our articles of association which set out our purpose and governance state that our main aim is to “communicate, promote and advocate sustainable development or sustainability in all its forms.”  Over time we have translated this into our vision, mission and sustainability priorities for the West Midlands.

We are governed by our Board, the majority of whom are non-executives to the company.  They provide their time, knowledge, networks and skills in a voluntary capacity to act in the interests of Sustainability West Midlands and the delivery of its vision, mission, and values.

At Board meetings, our Chief Executive reports progress. At the Annual General Meeting, the Board reports to our members who formally approve any changes in the Board, membership, input into our future priorities, and agree our annual accounts.