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Alan Carr


Key responsibilities: Project management and business development

I have been with SWM since January 2014 and my role primarily consists of a) project managing our consultancy work and b) looking for opportunities to win new work. As with all SWM staff, I also get involved in all other activities, such as engaging with our Members, overseeing the completion of our Annual Roadmap Monitoring report, participating in our flagship conferences and events and, of course, project delivery.

Whatever the activity, my role is to ensure that we are contributing to our Roadmap priorities and our vision’s aim: that The West Midlands is leading in contributing to the national target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 whilst addressing health inequality and driving inclusive growth.

My specialisms include climate change adaptation, stakeholder engagement and working with the public sector, as (see below) I worked for a local authority in my previous role.

Alan Carr


I have always been passionate about the environment and I am frequently told that my British obsession with the weather started when I was only around four years old. When I realised that my mathematical skills were not strong enough to master in meteorology, I took an interest in the wider sustainability and climate change agenda where I managed to focus on the subject in my Physical and Environmental Geography degree that I undertook at Staffordshire University. I graduated in 2008 after which I did a graduate scheme at Stoke City Council where I produced their first climate resilience report. I then went on to work for Staffordshire County Council for well over 5 years where I ran many projects including running a community resilience programme, development of a carbon reduction and climate adaptation strategy, communication programmes and various other projects aside. I then moved to SWM and I am delighted to be working for an organisation that stands for everything I believe in.

As of February 2023, I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh but remain working for SWM largely remotely, albeit visiting the Midlands throughout the year to support our in-person events and activities. Prior to this I lived in Stafford for my entire life.

Outside of work, I’m a passionate football fan supporting Liverpool FC (my local team…).  I also enjoy swimming, cycling and walking in the beautiful scenic Scottish surroundings along with creating music and supporting local mental health charities. You can also find me with a pint of real ale or ‘a wee dram’ on very rare occasions.