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Chris Todd


At SWM I am responsible for posting news, events and other comms on our website, updating our LinkedIn and Twitter channels, and compiling and distributing the monthly SWM newsletter. I also provide support for other team members including for events and projects.

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I have only recently come to this sector after volunteering with a local equalities and diversity charity and taking various micro courses on sustainability-themed topics. Before this I was a teacher of English as an additional language. I grew up in Birmingham and took a bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering and Production at Birmingham City University.

I was raised with an awareness of environmental degradation, the threats of climate change and the need to live ethically in a sustainable and equitable world. I have always had a profound appreciation of nature and was an advocate of a circular economy long before I knew a name for it. Recently though, I have become increasingly aware of the systems thinking required for sustainability, and the crucial role of networking in sharing and adapting good practices and innovation.

In my spare time I enjoy playing 5-string banjo and guitar, producing music and learning about a diverse range of topics from languages to history, economics and computing. The best thing I have done recently though is to join SWM. Now my productive time feels far more fulfilling, knowing that I am applying my skills and experience to support our team and our members to further the sustainability agenda in our region and beyond.