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Debbie Ward


Debbie is an SWM Associate.

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Over 20 years in the construction industry doing marketing and business development has given me a wide network, good business sense and a number of useful transferable skills. I have a PGCert in Innovation, Enterprise and the Circular Economy from University of Bradford (an EMF Pioneer University). I am an IEMA associate and sit on the IEMA CE Steering Group. I am a volunteer director of The Rebuild Site, I am a coordinator of the Birmingham & West Midlands Circular Economy Club (CEC), and I work part time as a Knowledge Transfer Manager for EnTRESS at the University of Wolverhampton supporting SMEs to be (more) environmentally sustainable, primarily around the circular economy agenda.

I have known SWM for quite a long time and am aware of the quality and variety of their work as well as them being an enjoyable team to work with. They deliver meaningful and useful projects and it will, I believe, be interesting and rewarding to work alongside them to promote and support action in sustainability, climate change action and circular economy.