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Kiera Ellis


As part of her volunteer placement, Kiera will be analysing and interpreting the data that underpins the various targets that make up our Roadmap to 2030. She will be preparing a report on the key findings.

Kiera Ellis


I am currently in my final year studying BSc Geography at the University of Birmingham. I focus more on the physical side of Geography and am taking modules relating to the environment, climate change and weather.

I am excited at this opportunity to work alongside the SWM team and to understand how the West Midlands is working towards meeting the goals set in the 2030 Roadmap. I look forward to working on something that I am passionate about through this placement with SWM, helping to improve our environment and become more sustainable, and learning valuable skills which will help me in my future career.

A bit about me! I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, spending time in nature, going on walks and bouldering.