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Peter Woodward


Peter is a Sustainability West Midlands Associate and an experienced  professional facilitator who specialises in the design and delivery of effective participative processes, particularly multi-stakeholder engagement, essential in achieving sustainable development objectives.


After graduating in Urban and Regional Planning at Coventry, Peter worked for variety of organisations including Friends of the Earth, The West Midlands Urban Wildlife Group and British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.  For 12 years he was Director of a major environmental Corporate Social Responsibility programme for Shell UK.

In 1995 Peter was the founding Director of Quest Associates, process design and facilitation consultants.  During the last 15 years he has worked on a wide range of assignments from strategy development within small teams to international sustainability conferences with 1,000 delegates. Clients include many community groups and charities, local, regional and national government departments, NDPBs such as WRAP and The Environment Agency and other organisations such as The European Chambers of Commerce.  Among a number of high profile assignments, Peter is Forum Moderator for the European Commission’s  Environmental Technology Action Programme. He is currently Chair of the Environmental Theme Group of the Coventry Local Strategic Partnership.

Peter relaxes by singing tenor as a Choral Clerk in Coventry Cathedral Choir.  He also holds a passion for gardening and especially for the delights of home composting.