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Phil Beardmore


Phil is an SWM Associate.


I have worked in sustainability since 1998 when I first trained to give energy advice for the Gas Consumers’ Council (later energywatch). Sustainable development is the way forward for the West Midlands to move towards a low carbon economy that creates jobs and economic growth, and which doesn’t jeopardise the prospects of future generations.

My sustainability skills include: energy efficiency (domestic and SME); small-scale renewable energy; community energy; fuel poverty; cycling projects; food growing projects; and housing.

My generic skills include project planning; project management; monitoring and evaluation; report writing; bid writing; feasibility studies; business planning; community engagement; partnership building; event management; business mentoring. I have specific skills in the co-operative and social enterprise sectors including business start-up.

During a very difficult period, SWM has managed to maintain its credibility as a regional leader on sustainable development, without allowing its mission to drift. SWM has an excellent reputation and I am keen to be associated with people who hold similar values to me in terms of professional integrity and a best-in-class approach to work.  SWM is well-placed to maintain its role as regional sustainability leader in the forthcoming period, and to influence the combined authority.