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Richard Davies


Richard is a SWM Associate.


Richard is the founding director of the climate change and sustainable energy social enterprise Marches Energy Agency (MEA’s). MEA strives to be a DO tank, not a THINK tank. With a mission to address the sustainable energy delivery gap – the gap between what is being said and what is being done. It does this through a focus on three D’s: Demand reduction (using less), Decarbonisation (low carbon sources of energy) and Decentralisation (more local energy production and supply).  With four independent and distinctive themes the organisation is working to address fuel poverty (Action Heat), raise awareness & knowledge (Carbon Forum), deliver whole community responses (Low Carbon Communities) and to provide honest broker technical know-how (Low Carbon Enterprise).

Richard is in demand as a speaker at community and public events. He also maintains a national role as Climate Change Lead Advisor working with Local Strategic Partnerships.

Richard is a Chartered Engineer and before taking up his current role at MEA worked in the Process Industries in the UK and USA for 10 years in a variety of research, development and operational roles.

Richard enjoys road cycling and Shrewsbury and Shropshire where he lives with his 3 young children. He amuses himself and others as a second-rate, second violinist.