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Rosvaldas Povilionis


My role at SWM and Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands (IAWM) involves supporting events, stakeholder management, and project delivery.

The majority of my time is dedicated to supporting the Virtual Innovation Team at IAWM in nurturing business opportunities and facilitating the development of a sustainable and innovative ecosystem.

Additionally, as a team member of SWM, I contribute to promoting an effective partnership between SWM and IAWM and assist in the achievement of the objectives outlined in the current SWM Business Plan through 2030.

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In 2018, I embarked on a journey from Lithuania to the UK to undertake my undergraduate studies in International Tourism Management at the University of Derby. Inspired by my deep-rooted love for nature, I set out to discover the reasons hindering individuals, businesses, and the public sector from progressing swiftly toward a net-zero future. It became apparent that creating national and global change demands awareness, investments, leadership, and collaboration.

Therefore, for the past five years, I have devoted myself to becoming a person capable of driving that change. I engaged in volunteer work with the National Trust, embarked on an exchange program in the Netherlands, and was enriched by lessons on equality and social sustainability. Subsequently, I undertook a two-year internship at Southwestern Advantage, a TOP entrepreneurial and leadership program in the USA, which included a challenging three-month period of door-to-door sales in Missouri.

Upon returning, I pursued a master’s degree in marketing management. Throughout the two-year program, I delved into the research of sustainable and responsible marketing practices. My dissertation focused on applying the insights into tourists’ values, beliefs, and norms to encourage sustainable behaviours in the Peak District National Park. Alongside my research and studies, I completed three internships with small organizations, further acquainting me with the needs and aspirations of small business owners.

Having explored various sides of sustainable development, I am now eager to contribute to the success of the SWM and foster collaborative partnerships among our partners.

Outside work, I enjoy running, CrossFit, visiting friends around the world and engaging in philosophical conversations.