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Shabnum Hudda


My faith encourages all individuals not to waste resources which in turn on a societal level has a huge impact on the state of the environment. ‘Everything should be in moderation’ and that applies to all parts of our lives, not just in the wastage of food but all things such as clothing, natural resources, power, water, money and also time. Using or doing anything in excess has consequences. It is the responsibility of all members of society to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’. Our world’s climate is changing before our eyes because of human activities not being in moderation. Joining SWM allows me to facilitate a movement that will increase the pace of change in society towards slowing down the damage we are doing to our world and pushing towards halting it altogether.

Moving towards a net zero carbon society is a mammoth task for this generation, not only for businesses but for the general public. Every part of our lives presents an opportunity to re-evaluate how we can improve the way we live, how we can reduce our impact on the environment, from the way we travel around, the products we choose to buy, the energy we use to how we deal with our waste and provide economic growth for an ever-growing populated urban area without making an already dangerous climate situation worse. Balancing this, whilst improving the health and opportunities available for all, is the biggest challenge we face today.


As a Business and Management Studies graduate I meandered my way into many different fields during my career. Participating in the preparations of the opening up of gas and electricity markets in the late 1990’s was an amazing introduction to the world of work. Working in the Customer Services and Debt collecting departments of a retail bank built up many skills that were invaluable when running a motor factor business in the noughties. Having experienced the joys of running a family business for over a decade the prospect of becoming an employee and returning to a good work life balance was very appealing. I spent the next five years or so running the operations of a non profit organisation in central Birmingham.

The experiences I have gained over the past couple of decades have made me resilient, adaptable, resourceful and confident. The skills gained in office management, administration, bookkeeping, company and stakeholder management, customer services and debt collection stand me in good stead for the new role I have taken on at SWM.

On a lighter note, I enjoy spending time reading, doing sudoku puzzles, taking walks, staring up at the sky on a beach (doesn’t happen frequently enough unfortunately!!), playing netball and making and decorating cakes for family occasions! Although I do not possess any talent in interior design I am a dab hand at painting and decorating which was very useful during Covid lockdowns!