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Air Pollution: Can Technology Help? – WMHTC and PASS – 20/07/22


20 July 2022


10:00 – 11:00




West Midlands Health Technology Cluster (WMHTC) and Pollution Avoidance Support Systems (PASS)

The Event

There is now a direct link identified between air quality and health of Human beings. Health professionals, GPs and health consultants rarely link air pollution with deterioration of health. The purpose of the event is to bring health and technology speakers onto a single platform to share good practice and bring about better understanding about the Big Problem of air pollution, how air quality is measured and how air pollution impacts on health on all of us but especially children and the vulnerable members of our society. The speakers will also explore how air pollution data, Ai, weather, traffic and GIS could be applied, using latest technology, to provide useful information to health practitioners and sufferers to use for mitigation strategies. Facts about Air Pollution There is rarely a connection made between poor health and air pollution when diagnosing patients as no one is certain of the underlying origin of the illness. Recent research information about air quality from WHO, Imperial College and NHS England clearly demonstrates the connection between long term exposure to high levels of air pollution and its serious impact on health. This is particularly due to exposure to particulate matter PM2.5, nitrogen oxide and other gases. These pollutants in the air can not only cause respiratory diseases, (especially those with already weak immune systems) but also contribute to cardiovascular disease, asthma, strokes, cancer and so much more. That’s why WHO announced that air pollution is the most serious problem to humanity right now that needs to be resolved with great urgency. Currently, thousands of people die from air pollution related diseases in the(NHS England). It is estimated that approximately 7m People die around the world from exposure to air pollution (WHO). According to NHS there are a staggering 1.3 million (May 2022) people in the UK suffering from Long Covid Symptoms (LCS), particularly breathlessness and other serious related respiratory diseases whose condition could be impacted by high levels of air pollution Who should attend the event? Health professionals, GPs, community health organisations, local authorities, strategy boards, technology and innovation startups or/and research bodies, parents, helpers, health conscious membership clubs, societies and members of the public.
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