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Battery Technology Master Class – 13/11/19


13 November


09:00 – 16:00


Trent Vineyard Conference Centre, Nottingham, NG7 2PX



The Event

Advances in battery technologies will play a key role in the wide scale adoption of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.This master class event will explore the latest innovations in battery technologies, manufacturing, deployment, second life usage and recycling for automotive and micro-grids answering such questions as:-

  • How will the latest batteries accommodate the demands for ultra-rapid charging speeds?
  • What future role will solid state battery cells have in electric vehicle deployment?
  • How does the sourcing of raw materials impact on the environmental benefits of electric vehicles?

To achieve this, we will follow three stages of the battery lifecycle:-

  1.  Building batteries – raw materials, technologies and supply chains.
  2.  Using batteries – storage, vehicles and battery management.
  3.  End of life – recycling, disposal and second life applications.

Cenex will deliver knowledge transfer presentations providing the context for themed case study presentations. Confirmed industry presenters include: –

  • Denis Pasero- ILIKA – Solid State Batteries.
  • Nigel Dent – Connected Energy – Second Life Batteries for Storage.
  • Fergal Harrington-Beatty – HSSMI – Battery Recycling & Circular Economy
  • Coventry University – Advanced Battery Diagnostics

The event is accredited and offers a CPD qualification. The course fee covers access to course presentations, a CPD certificate, buffet, refreshments, free parking and, of course, a great opportunity to network with industry experts.

Booking and More Information

For further information contact neil@level-network.com To book Click here 

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