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Biochar Workshop


25 October 2023


09:30 – 16:00


Millennium Point
Curzon Suite (Level 4)
Curzon Street
Birmingham, B4 7XG


Aston University and the Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute

Biochar Workshop

The Event

Discover more about biochar, its wide variety of benefits and uses including carbon capture, water treatment, odour control, soil improvement and industrial applications.

Find out how our innovative pyrolysis technology is able to transform organic material such as sawdust, fallen and diseased trees, chicken manure and agricultural straw, into commercially valuable bioproducts – biochar, gas and liquids.

Explore new commercial opportunities for a business. West Midlands companies are invited to join this event, to develop new low carbon products for growing markets such as:

  • Low carbon fuel for boilers and engines
  • Soil conditioners and products for improved plant, tree and animal health
  • Biochar for carbon capture and credits
  • Biochar for water treatment and odour control
  • Biochar for building and composite materials
  • Bioliquids for low carbon weedkiller, fungicide and plant growth enhancer

This workshop event for businesses is being delivered as part of Aston University’s Biochar CleanTech Accelerator project, which aims to accelerate engineering research & development in the region.


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