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Climate finance: how to make money and hit carbon targets


Tuesday 5 October


10.30am – 3.45pm (Registration from 10am, lunch included)


Sustainability West Midlands, The Balcony Rooms, Level 4 Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG


Forum for the Future

Target audience

This event is by invitation only, but it is open to anyone in invited organisations and will be of particular interest to those with responsibility for sustainability, energy, climate change and related budgets, and those working in finance.

It is open to both the Forum Business and Public Sector Networks.

The event itself

Discover smart ways to raise and use money to cut carbon.

Using smart ‘climate finance’ to finance energy and carbon-saving measures can help public sector organisations hit carbon targets efficiently and prudently.

This event will help you use better business and funding models to do more with less, hit targets and protect frontline services.

A year ago we published the Smarter Finance report. Since then, with an advisory group of experts, we have been working with the Department for Energy and Climate Change, South East of England Development Agency and West Sussex County Council to create and pilot new approaches to raising funds and investing in revenue-creating carbon savings.

This event will bring you the wealth of this new intelligence to help your sustainability and finance teams work better together to make money whilst saving carbon.

We have analysed and created new approaches with great promise, including energy performance contracting, local revolving funds and service companies to name just a few. In this parliament, we should also see the Green Investment Bank, the Green Deal and UK ‘offsetting’ funds. We’ll explore the opportunities these could bring and what you should do to prepare for them.

Join us at this Network event to:

  • gain a greater understanding of how these smart finance initiatives work and how they can help you achieve carbon reductions
  • learn how climate, sustainability, energy and finance teams can work smartly together and talk the same language
  • hear insights from those behind cutting-edge schemes in the UK public sector, including the Forum’s Climate Finance initiative to create and promote smarter climate finance for the public sector


Speakers include:

  • Peter Madden, Chief Executive, Forum for the Future: introductory address
  • Dr Barbara Hammond, SEEDA and West Oxford Community Renewables: on joining up finance and local action on climate change at the South East of England level and in her West Oxford community
  • Will Dawson, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future: with a whistle-stop tour of UK developments and examples


The event will include time for questions, smaller group sessions to focus on solutions in more depth, and plenty of time for networking with peers across the Forum Networks.

How do you attend this event

Please email Julia Clough or phone 0207 324 3614 to register for a place.

This event is by invitation only, but if you would like to pass it on to a relevant colleague in your organisation, then please do so.

Contact for further information

Please visit the Forum for the Future website or email Julia Clough or phone 0207 324 3614 for more information.

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