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Climate-KIC Climathon – 18/6/15


18 June 2015


24 hours




Climate KIC

The event

Climate-KIC Climathon is going to kick off in a number of cities across the world. The idea is that the cities set a challenge which people then work on as part of a hackathon for 24 hours, leading to a selection of the ideas getting taken forward for development by the group, the city and Climate-KIC over the next months. Birmingham City Council have agreed to set a challenge, so Claire Spencer, Project Officer at SWM member, Innovation Birmingham Ltd., has signed them up last week, saying “It seemed like a great opportunity to do some shared work on a problem set by the city.” The challenge may change slightly, but this is how it stands at the moment: What is the role of the citizen in a zero waste Birmingham? They would like participants to come up with a vision for what citizens do and how Birmingham, its institutions and businesses, interacts with them in a city which does not waste anything. Some suggestions so far include:

  • Design: what do homes and neighbourhoods look like when all materials are recycled, reused or otherwise processed locally?
  • Behaviour change: what would make people more likely to recycle? What is the right balance of education, gamification and incentives?
  • Technology: what technology should the city embrace to enable citizens to do the right thing when it comes to reuse and recycling?
  • Public service: what needs to change about the way the city delivers services to enable citizens to reuse and recycle?
  • Opportunities: waste is a resource. What opportunities are there for people to embrace that and deliver opportunities to themselves and their localities?

They are also looking for a venue, so please let Claire know if you can oblige, bearing in mind that people will be there for 24 hours!

Booking and further information

For further information and booking, visit the Climate-KIC website.

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