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Cyber Working Group (CWG) (03/03/2022)


03 March 2022






Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands

The Event

Cyber Security is critical to the operational wellbeing of the West Midlands and there is a strong history of technology innovation and adoption in this area. By bringing together cyber related organisations and influencers, including SMEs, academics, public sector and support organisation we have an opportunity to make the West Midlands more resilient whilst improving our cyber innovation capability. Their focus is on collaboration and exploring ways to advance adoption and commercialisation of cyber security processes, policies, platforms and products. Through this collaborative development and promotion, they are sharing insights and best practices on relevant and emerging cyber technologies, used to deliver value to customers. The strength of the group comes in part from its insights across multiple sectors, including those involved in automotive, aerospace, defence, finance and rail, along with their extensive customer and supply chains. They also work together to influence the strategies, policies and operational ingredients needed to maximise the benefits from the regions strong technology and business services networks. Agenda: 1. Welcome and introductions (Prashant Pillai – Chair) 2. Review groups Terms of Reference 3. Review National Cyber Strategy Pillar 1 objectives 4. Resource mapping – What are our regional strengths and capabilities? 5. Marketing & Publicity – Website – Collateral 6. Activities 7. A.O.B / Date of next meeting


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