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Fuelling sustainability in your Warwickshire business: Energy saving in your small business

Calling all Warwickshire SMEs

Have you ever noticed that sustainability is being talked about more and more, both at home and in business? Do you feel like this is a key issue to your business and don’t know how to respond? What if you could gain a greater awareness of sustainability, see how it can benefit your business and have key quick wins to try in your own business. The energy crisis is causing business costs to sky rocket. Do you want to know how you can take control of your energy costs and also act sustainably?

Attend this webinar to look at  actions you can take to:

  1. Reduce your ever increasing gas and electric bills – through behavioural change and energy saving measures / equipment
  2. Use energy efficient measures and equipment in your business
  3. Reduce your environmental impacts and carbon to contribute to you Net Zero plan
  4. Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for your business to reduce its energy use and associated bills, while reducing your carbon emissions.

Current speakers include:

  • Bernie McCullagh from Coventry and Warwickshire Green Business Programme
  • Dr Beck Collins from SWM
  • Ricky Higgins from Powerstar
More speakers to be announced soon. Does this sound beneficial to your business? Sign up today! Energy saving in your small business – 10 May 12.00 – 13:30 This webinar is part of the Fuelling sustainability in your business series. This webinar series, run in partnership with Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council and supported by Stratford-on-avon Council, will cover how going green can benefit your business and open the door to the emerging low carbon market.

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