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How remote energy audits can work for your business- 18/06/20


18th June 2020


11:00 – 12:00




Coventry City Council’s Sustainability & Low Carbon Team

The Event

This webinar will provide businesses with the details on how a remote energy audit can work in practice with an explanation of what we would need to look for so businesses can still engage with Coventry City Council remotely and provide them with the information to pull the report together.
  • Energy advisors will guide you through the process to ensure that you know what you need for a remote energy audit.
  • Clarification on what information the business needs to supply for an energy audit, including but not limited to sharing of energy bills; images of the building which need to be supplied; fabric details of a building, number of light points; plus other top tips.
  • Details on what pre-agreed data and information we will need and analysis at various stages of the audit process.
  • The team will address any business concerns such as sending commercially sensitive information with details about privacy notices.
  • Every attendee will receive a detailed energy and resource efficiency fact sheet following the webinar on how to conduct a remote energy audit.
  • Hear about organisations who have received funding through the Green Business Programme and the savings they have made to their energy bills.
  • Ask your own questions and network with the green business programme team through this live webinar.

Booking and More Information

Click here     Coventry City Council’s Sustainability & Low Carbon Team

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