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IBM Start Jam


Tuesday 5 April – Thursday 7 April


Online web based event across the two days


At your office, via your computer


IBM as part of their role as the Business to Business sponsor of ‘Start’

The event itself

Start Jam is a web-based event that will provide an unrivalled opportunity for hundreds of leaders from the UK and Ireland, to pool their knowledge and experience to explore and evolve the next generation of sustainable business strategies.

The objective is to move forward from the examination of the value and importance of sustainability in business, the pitfalls of “greenwash” window-dressing, to the questions around how we affect the strategic and cultural changes required to drive a genuine transformation in sustainability.

The main themes that came out of the summit are represented in the six forums used to structure the jam:

  • Driving Cultural and Behavioural Change
  • Managing Demand Intelligently
  • The Collaboration Imperative
  • Understanding Data (Intelligence/Analytics)
  • Transforming Business
  • Re-building our National Infrastructure

How do you attend?

You must register for the event to be able to take part in one of the six forums which will be taking place and facilitated by IBM. You can register for the event by following this link to the IBM website.

Contact for further information

Visit this website for further information about the Start Jam.

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