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Inclusive Growth & the “Doughnut Model” for Economic Recovery – 10/11/2020


10 November 2020


10:00 – 13:00




University of Birmingham

The Event

This workshop led by Dr James Hall and Dr Suzanne Bartington from the University of Birmingham will consider the potential of “Doughnut economics” by Kate Raworth as a guide to recovery from the negative economic impacts of the pandemic. Published in 2017 “Doughnut economics” took on mainstream economics, calling for an end to the pursuit of growth at all costs and urged economists and policymakers to begin thinking about how we can meet our core needs in balance with the planet –thereby aligning with public health and sustainable development. This workshop will be of interest to public health professionals and practitioners who are seeking an improved understanding of health and economic equity, inclusivity and regional COVID-19 recovery. The workshop will have a particular focus upon air quality and climate change, providing tangible examples of policy actions which align public and planetary health.


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